My Top 5 Chester Eats

While I’m writing this, I’m working away in London for the weekend, and subsequently my pangs for home are going through the roof. Home, in this case, being Chester. I’ve lived there for 9 years, and though that might be enough of a reason to call it home, the feeling I get when I’m walking around the city makes me sure that it feels like home now.

So many people ask me for recommendations of where to fill their bellies when they come and visit the little Roman city, so I thought this would be a good place to direct them to. Eat your heart out at these spots.

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Why Music Is My Therapy

When I was little, music was how my Mum, Dad and older brothers kept me entertained on long car journeys. I still remember now listening to Stereophonics’ album “Performance and Cocktails” in full and on repeat on 5 hour journeys, learning all the words and going into my own little world. Years later, and music is just as therapeutic to me as it was back then.

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