my two all-time favourite cleansers

There are so many cleansers available on the market nowadays – creams, oils, 2-in-1s, 3-in-1s, 10-in-1s…okay the last one might be a slight exaggeration, but you get what I mean. It can get a bit frustrating when such a vast amount of products are so readily available and promising so many different things. But I have stuck with these two products, as I have found that they work the best for my skin (which I would class as normal/combination) and I am always happy with the results.

1. Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

This cleanser doesn’t need an introduction of any sort. Winning numerous beauty awards and popping up all over beauty blogs, this is the crème de la crème of cleansers. £13.25 gets you 100ml of cleanser in a pump bottle and a muslin cloth. The very first time I used this, which was when I was a little 14-year-old mite, I revelled at the sight of a fresh, bright white cloth to take off my tinted moisturiser and the one coat of mascara (the good old school days), and bizarrely enjoyed seeing it all come off onto the cloth. It was the subtlest of gimmicks for me, when all I knew pre-C&P then was Simple face wipes.

The muslin cloth is indispensable to the Cleanse & Polish process, as it very gently exfoliates as the cream cleanses. Usually I would shy away from anything that scrubs at my skin, but there’s no abrasive feeling with this. It exfoliates so quietly and pleasantly, delivering that elusive, radiant glow.

No fancy packaging, no scary sounding ingredients. A yummy-smelling and gorgeously textured cleanser that takes every last bit of the face paint off at the end of the day.

2. Ultra Bland by Lush

All gone!

After running out of my beloved Cleanse & Polish, and my stony-broke student budget allowing about £8 to spend, I headed to Lush in search of a new face-off. My search terms were: thorough, gentle, nice smell and a decent price.

I spent, no joke, about 20 minutes testing the array of cleansers Lush have on offer, and felt a bit dizzy at all the different things each cleanser had to offer. Ultra Bland promised “ultra-soft, ultra-smooth skin” and swore to me it worked gently and thoroughly. For £6.10 I got 45g of product and £9.75 would have given me 100g, but I wanted to test it out before buying in bulk.

Result: amazingly soft skin that feels moisturised and looks glowing, and no trace of make-up. Massive high five.


I had two issues:
1. The smell – it’s slightly offputting, and Lush aren’t joking when they say beeswax is the main ingredient. This smells like a bee’s paradise, and not in a good way. But the pro of having beeswax in this, is the feel of your skin at the end. Definitely not a greasy feel, just moisturised and soft.

2. The texture – as you can see from the pictures, it’s a very greasy product. At first, it’s a bit scary. Not rich and creamy like Cleanse & Polish, but I was so impressed with the end result that the texture didn’t bother me with every use thereafter.

The conclusion to this cleanser story is that I would highly recommend both these cleansers to people with normal, combination, dry or very dry skin. For oily skin, I would steer clear of Ultra Bland. I would classify Liz Earle’s Cleanse & Polish as a luxury cleanser, and I tend to buy it when I have a bit more cash in the bank, or when Mama Williams buys some for herself!

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  • Mr Lonely

    visiting here with a smile today… =D

    regards, Mr Lonely

  • Cherries In The Snow

    I've just started using the Liz Earle cleanser, I got it for Christmas, I have already seen results of my skin looking better!

  • Rachel

    Cleanse & Polish is just so fab. I recently tried Muji's cleansing oil and it failed purely on the basis that it isn't C&P!

    Hope your Mum replenishes stocks soon 🙂

    Rach xx

  • Becky-May

    i love lush products, i love their face masks!


    The Flower Girl


  • Erica

    maybe i'll give it a try!


  • Shilpi

    I LOVE Lush products, thanks for the detailed review!



  • Nikki Mitchell

    I could do with some cleanser so this has given me some food for thought because I tend to take my make-up off with cream and cotton wool pads, which isn't good or not at all because i wear bare minerals which you can sleep in. But I should take my make-up off really.


    @Nikki – give Ultra Bland a try, Nikki! It's really good.