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There are a few big decisions all bloggers must make when they start their very first blog: what should I call it? What kind of content do I want to write? How do I want it to look? Another one which I completely overlooked is deciding on a blogging platform. When starting out, I researched the most popular platforms, and nosied at which ones my favourite bloggers used. I finally went with Blogger, or Blogspot, as it seemed to be the most suitable platform for the type of content I wanted to produce. Two years on, I am still happy with my decision, despite Blogger’s somewhat dated and awkward features!

Tumblr is one of the newest, edgiest and most interesting blogging platforms available. Interesting, because Tumblr shares similar features with Twitter in its ‘microblogging’ disposition, such as the function of reblogging (the ‘Pass It On’ of the digital age), resulting in a fast-moving platform that coincides harmoniously with the pace of our daily lives. We want information, and we want it now!

Recently, I’ve noticed that lots of bloggers have chosen Tumblr as their blogging platform, and a lot have even shut up shop at Blogspot, and moved on to Tumblr. I’ve been using Tumblr on and off for a little over a year (link!), and in that year all I’ve done is retweet some pretty pictures and funny Tumblr gifs. My very own mood board, if you like. I don’t want to play it down in any way – I have learnt in that year, that Tumblr is a fantastic platform for:

a) inspiration for anything from interior design to some amazing looking food!
b) photography fanatics; these guys know every DSLR model that’s ever been made.
c) easy-to-use, sophisticated features and navigation. It’s a real pleasure to use.

Their offices are pretty damn cool too.

And now I’m realising that I can do a bit more than just post pictures on my Tumblr blog – last week I embedded my most recent YouTube video without having to write any meticulous HTML coding, and just under that, I pasted some of my own creative writing under a picture of the beautiful Mr Zimmerman. The beauty of microblogging is that I can write whatever is on my mind, and it takes just a few seconds. I can do things on Tumblr that I can’t on Blogspot, and vice versa. And because I am such a blogging geek, I am now simultaneously blogging and microblogging.

So really, I can have my blogging cake, and gobble it down too!

Now, for some blogs I have discovered since I started Tumbling…

1. Topshop
Topshop have even jumped on the Tumblr bandwagon now! They’re really doing a good job of it, and I love browsing through their street style pictures. They’re definitely taking notes from The Sartorialist and other such street style blogs.

2. What Do I Wear?
Another big street style blog that collates some amazing outfits. I also have a soft spot for any blog that has endless scrolling *geek face*.

3. Zooey’s Miscellany
Zooey is a true social media nerd like the rest of us! This is her own blog where she posts her Instagram pictures, gossip from the New Girl set and posts that generally show off her funny side. Love her!

4. Mi Casa Es Su Casa
One of the top dogs in interior decor blogs. Some truly gorgeous stuff on here. Click along and admire.

5. Lace And Honey
One of the many Australian Tumblr’s I follow is this lady. Besides some seriously funny gifs, expect neon bikinis, envious blonde hair and crystal clear waves. Sigh.

6. Aussie Fool
A more fashion-focused Aussie blog. Effortessly cool, and a banging playlist.

Do you have a Tumblr? What’s your favourite blogging platform?

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  • Kitty Cat

    Brilliant post, thank you for sharing. I put a link to it on my blog. A bit of Blog Love. <3
    – Kitty Cat

  • Mia

    Tumblr offices are awesome! Thanks for sharing 🙂 It would be such a cool place to work at. I just checked out your tumblr and of course I love it (and following)! I'm so obsessed that I have three! Personal (bebidol), thinspirational (girlandtheocean), and beauty (beautyappeal)! I can hardly keep up with one, let alone three, but I love having them :)) xx

  • chelsea.jade

    Great post.
    My favourite is blogger but I do have a tumblr for similar resons as you. I keep it for inspiration and things I like mostly rather than including too many photos on my blogger.

  • Amy

    Link this post on my Tumblr (this-dystopia). Great great post!

    Amy x

  • Charlie

    I used to run a blog here on blogger but like you said, its so dated and tumblr is just so fuss- free and easy! Now i just follow people on blogger, but I wish everyone would convert to tumblr!

  • Neeny

    I have tumblr (http://neeny.tumblr.com/) but like you I mostly used it for reblogging pretty pictures and gaining general inspirations from the realms of photos on there. I also use blogger as I find it the simplest and easiest to use. I kind of liked to keep the two separate, but recently have been linking my blogposts on tumblr so my followers on there can find my blog, and also people looking for certain reviews or pictures can find my blog through the tag system on tumblr. Love your blog by the way.
    Neeny x


  • becky.

    i have tumblr but i'm not such a big fan. i love it and everything, but it's way too easy to get trapped into and i can spend hours on it by accident. it calls me when i should be revising haha! i don't know, maybe i just have no will power? x

  • Hannah

    I love this blog – and I'm your 700th follower yay! Thanks for bringing these tumblr blogs into my life – great fashion inspiration on there!

    Please feel free to have a look at my new beauty blog and follow back if you like – little giveaway to come soon too!


  • beth sutton

    thanks to this post, i have decided to get tumblr again. i used to have a tumblr account and i loved it but i spent far too much time on it so got rid of it. however, i now want it back so badly. i am now going to go and make an account and scroll endlessly through beautiful and funny pictures. thank you zoe! 🙂 X

  • Rose

    I fully agree that Tumlbr is something nice to pick up and put back down again. I follow both Tumblr and blogs on Blogger and really enjoy looking at them both but, while I'll check my dashboard more than once a day to see which of my fave bloggers have posted, there are weeks, months even when I completley forget Tumblr exists. I'm not sure why, maybe it's because they are different in content. I adore looking at the beautiful photos on Tumblr and getting insporation for my style and bedroom, but in my eyes it will always come a (very close) second best to Blogger.

  • Gem

    I love Tumblr!! Mine is http://laltesseroyale.tumblr.com/ and I use mine how you use yours, just post inspirational pictures.

    Gem x

  • Vans for life bro >>>> authentics are my favorite though

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