Track Review: ‘Myth’ by Beach House

I am falling hard and fast for a two-man-band. And I thought it was my duty to let you all know.

Yesterday, The 405 helped spread the word about Beach House’s new single, ‘Myth’. Having only listened to a couple of their previous tracks, namely the atmospheric lullaby ‘A Walk In The Park’, I decided to give their most recent work a try with open ears and, admittedly, a tired head. For most of the day, Beach House were a trending Twitter topic in the UK, and I was quite ready to write home, or here, about my gorgeous new discovery. 

After a minute, I couldn’t even fathom that outside of my window, rain was lashing down and there wasn’t a moment of blue sky to be seen. ‘Myth’ brought to mind the hope of a melting Twister and bare legs in freezing cold waves and scarf-laden Spring walks. I like to think it was named after the myth we all believe around this time of year that Spring has arrived, when in fact, we do still wake to frozen car windscreens.

The track rises throughout the four minutes, with its glimmering, twinkling guitar riff and gentle percussion, and by the time the climax has arrived, your eyes are closed, you’re whispering expletives, and then it’s all over. Those were the four shortest minutes of your life, and you hit the play/snooze/do-me-again button over and over until you’re satisfied. For now.

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