The March Playlist

I don’t usually write a lowdown of my monthly playlists, but I am in love with every single song I have chosen this month. This may make me sound like a music floozy, but I seriously don’t give a damn! Here are the songs that I think are pitch-perfect for the month of March:

1. Friends – I’m His Girl

Played on many a catwalk at this season’s London Fashion Week, this track has a killer bass line that will have you hypnotically nodding your head in a hair-swishing, party-girl manner. You just can’t help it. Blondie-like pop and late-80s urban grooves meld together to bring the sick beats of “I’m His Girl”.

2. Cold War Kids – Royal Blue

The Cold War Kids have taken a very different direction for their new album ‘Mine Is Yours’, one which hasn’t been entirely popular with their hardcore fans and lovers of first album ‘Robbers and Cowards’. They’ve taken a much softer approach – unfortunately, not as many jagged-edged guitars and soaring riffs. But taking a break from guitar-thick melodies isn’t always a bad thing, as “Royal Blue” boasts.

3. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Garden

The soundtrack to ‘that Nokia advert’ is where most people will know this catchy little so-and-so from. A guaranteed festival theme tune, the sunbathed beauty of “Garden” will have you pulling the Raybans down from your bonce, kicking off your sneaks and ordering a fruity cider in a finger snap.

4. Mona – I Seen

The love still hasn’t waned. The Mona lads have recently released their album in the US, and treating their fans to two shiny new tracks, one of them being “I Seen”, a song dedicated to the late Johnny Cash. Head to your nearest 50s, rockabilly diner and stick this one on the jukebox, Danny Zuko.

5. John Mayer – Everything You’ll Ever Be

Once a John Mayer fan, always a John Mayer fan. I just can’t seem to refrain from getting a little bit excited whenever he releases any new songs, and this one will not disappoint the die-hard, fangirl Mayer fans (guilty). Heartfelt and soppy, John’s trademark, but I love the cheese.

6. Ryan Gosling – You Always Hurt The Ones You Love

While we’re on the subject of soppiness, this next installment comes in a slightly less lovesick form. Ryan Gosling has a killer voice, did you not know? I definitely didn’t before I watched Blue Valentine, a contender for my favourite film of 2012, and yes I will make sweeping statements like this from time to time. Watch the film first, I urge you.

7. Beach House – Zebra

Anything Beach House have done, I am guaranteed to love, as I’ve soon realised after downloading their entire discography last weekend. A song for any perfect moment, just take your pick and play this in the background and you’ll see what I mean.

8. The Black Keys – Everlasting Light

In all honesty, I couldn’t not include anything from my beloved Black Keys, with all my heart, in everlasting love. These lads are just effortlessly cool, and deserved of their comparisons to rock royalty QOTSA. Get your tickets to their next UK tour, trust me!

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