For his incredible filmography and super-cool steeze, Ryan Gosling has become somewhat of an internet phenomenon at 30 years old. His handsome looks might have played a small part in his modest rise, too, but the more movies I watch and interviews I read, the more I am absolutely determined that one human being can finally be labelled ‘perfect’. And I am allowed to make statements as mawkish as that, as we are after all talking about the man who starred in the most romantic film in 21st century history, The Notebook.

#GoslingisGod* for a multitude of reasons. First up, he is appealing to both genders and all sexualities. For men, Ryan Gosling has become their ultimate style icon, fantasy BFF and hero in times of danger, all in one. Very confusing for very straight men, who thought they knew what they liked until they saw the 2011 movie Drive, in which Ryan plays a nameless getaway driver and stuntman who falls in love with his neighbour Irene, played by Carey Mulligan. Not only does he take care of her and her young son throughout the movie, he literally face-stomps a hitman to death until he’s mush on the ground, and just previously he kisses Irene in such a way that convinces you you’re witnessing the real thing.

For women…*sigh*. Ask most girls their favourite movie and they will reply with The Notebook, not because the plot was particularly outstanding, or the fashion knocked us sideways, but because we were all gripped by the intense relationship played out by Noah and Allie. So much so, that Tumblr gifs were made and continue to be reblogged in honour of the movie, and our hearts ache if we ever hear the words “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird”. Toe-curling stuff for some men, but Gosling aims to please one and all, and does so marvellously.

For whenever we need a Gosling fix, me and my partner-in-crime and soon-to-be mummy Nat, have decided to watch the entire Ryan Gosling filmography together. So far, my favourite has been Blue Valentine, a gripping and improvised movie on the journey of Dean and Cindy’s relationship, and its eventual breakdown. I’ve decided it’s a modern-day version of The Notebook, with a few more uncomfortable scenes and funny moments. Gosling plays the part of Dean outstandingly, and Michelle Williams of Cindy so well that she was nominated for an Academy Award for her performance. In between moments of sadness, humour and jealousy towards Michelle Williams for getting that close to Ryan in the shower (!), Blue Valentine is a true representation of a perfectly imperfect relationship, and all its glorious complexities.

And finally, his musical capabilities. As soon as he started singing ‘You Always Hurt The Ones You Love’ to Cindy in Blue Valentine, you can imagine how close my jaw was to hitting the ground. Last week, Wikipedia told me Mr. Gosling is in a band called Dead Man’s Bones. This concluded it for me. Gosling is most certainly God and I’ll be fangirling for him until the cows come home.

Word of warning: this isn’t the last you’ll hear about Ryan. Expect way, way more.

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