This Week’s Music Video Crushes

If you read my blog post on my adoration for the music vid medium, and my favourites during December, you’ll understand I have a serious fascination with video production and the creativity behind coming up with a story for the song.

This week, one music video after another seemed to be surfacing on my online hemisphere, so I couldn’t not blog about them now could I?

Cheryl – Call My Name

For a moment, I’m going to shelve any mainstream-related opinions I may have voiced in the past, and make an exception for Cheryl Cole, or ‘Cheryl’ as she now likes to be called. Certainly not one of the most standout voices in the industry, but Chezza proves her worth with new single ‘Call My Name’. I’ll shamelessly admit that I’m kind of hearting this top-to-bottom autotuned track, and doing some serious self-loathing as I bop my head to the Gaga-esque beat. The track itself may fall squarely into the Guilty Pleasure shaped box, but that dance routine has #90srevival written all over it. MC Hammer, eat your heart out.

Lana Del Rey – Carmen

I really didn’t mean for this post to be all Girl Power related *zigazig-ahhhh*, but these female ladies of music are just killing it at the moment. Though Lana has proved, once and for all, that she struggles to carry off a spectacular live performance (let’s all hark back to a slightly cringey rendition of ‘Blue Jeans’ on The Voice last Sunday), my love of this lady has been too well documented for me to just abandon ship on my Americana girl crush. Yes, this video is nostalgic of ‘Video Games’ in its clip-montage nature, but you can’t deny the song is killer. I’m crossing my fingers and toes that her next release will be ‘Radio’, my favourite track from the album.

AlunaGeorge – You Know You Like It

For some of you, London duo AlunaGeorge may be old online news. So forgive me for harking on, but I’m fangirling like crazy for this electro couple who officially deliver the most exciting electro melodies I’ve heard in a long time (cheers, ASOS blogs). As you can probably imagine, this song has been on heavy rotation all week round my place. Aside from the slick, glitchy beats of ‘You Know You Like It’, Aluna, the star of the video, promulgates some moves that most of us can only dream of pulling off. You may love or hate her little-girl-like pronunciation, but I for one can’t get enough of her cutesy singsong style.

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