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The Sound of 2017 Playlist

It’s that time of year again; reflecting back on the last 12 months of music and looking ahead to what will be circulating around our ears in the next 360 something days.

2016 was not the one for many reasons, but as far as music goes, things sounded pretty great. Solange truly came into her own with her formidable LP A Seat At The Table (“Cranes In The Sky” remains in the top 5 of my favourite songs of ’16), Rihanna proved how much of a savage boss she truly is in ANTI, and Bon Iver baffled and delighted with his obstacle course of a third album, which I’ve played to death and am still discovering new samples buried deep within.

While we probably won’t have another album from the likes of BeyoncéKanye or my favourite sonic troubadours The 1975, there’s still a deluge of anticipated album releases to look forward to in 2017. FYI: Drake, Haim and Ed Sheeran are high up there on the list.

With that, I’ve put together a playlist from the bands and artists I can’t wait to hear more from this year, and a few other songs that I’ve been racking up Spotify plays on in January.

And my favourite way to plug in and play? These Sennheiser headphones are just an absolute dream, not just for the crisp, bright sound quality, but the fact that they’re white and rose gold doesn’t hurt one bit. I love how easy they are to pack away, plus the smaller ear pads mean they don’t look as bulky as standard over-ears on my little bonce. And the boyfriend is just as happy now, because a new pair of headphones means he’s inherited my old Sennheisers!

Check out the playlist below and be sure to let me know who you’re listening to right now.


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