• IMG_8096

    My Week In Photos: #4

    With a four-day weekend comes a lot more snaps, antics and extra tasty scran! As always, my week began rather uneventfully with more working hours than I’d like to count, followed by evenings…

  • Portmeirion

    Number 6

    I’ve been visiting Portmeirion, a Mediterranean-inspired village in North Wales, since I was little. A couple of weekends ago, I headed back with my family in tow, to spend an afternoon wandering…

  • IMG_7902

    My Week In Photos #3

    It’s been a nice, chilled 7 days mostly spent squirrelling away at my huge to-do list, and the rest of the time catching up with my family / counting down the days…

  • IMG_7869

    An Interview with Gary Stringer from Reef

    Though they’ve spent most of their working career dominated by their 90s anthem ‘Place Your Hands’, Reef are a band that have been graced with a loyal fan base. I learnt this…

  • IMG_7794

    My Week In Photos #2

    This week began quietly with lots of laptop time, and plenty of catching up on my new favourite TV show “First Dates”. Anyone else as hooked as I am?! As usual, I…

  • IMG_4831
    Life, Style


    For me, home is where the waves crash. I love heading to the coast on a Friday night, music blaring, knowing that I’m moving closer and closer to the sea. Last weekend,…

  • march playlist

    The March Playlist

    The monthly playlists are back, and this month I’m keeping things new and exciting with lots of freshly released tunes. Everything sounds really mellow and chilled out this month, too – maybe…

  • My week in photos

    My Week in Photos #1

    Starting this week, I’m giving a brand new feature a go – a round-up of my week in as many decent and interesting photos as I can take in 7 days. Here’s…

  • Things my mum has taught me

    Things My Mum Has Taught Me

    As today is Mother’s Day in the UK, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to dedicate a blog post to her.  I’m very lucky to be able to call my mum my…