• Sophie Eggleton

    The Playlist with Sophie Eggleton

    “The Playlist” raids some of my favourite musicians, tastemakers and trailblazers’ song stashes. I’ve got friends who are doing some incredible things, and who truly inspire me, so I’m going to be…

  • IMG_7434

    VLOG: A Weekend in London with Radisson Hotels

    Well, this is new! An actual, real-life video from yours truly; that hasn’t happened in a few years. It actually has been years since I last tested the YouTube waters. It’s haunted…

  • IMG_7376

    A New Look, and a New Name

    Something look a little different round here? Well, my little corner of the internet has been renamed and redesigned – it’s told me that it’s feeling like Carrie Bradshaw when she got…

  • IMG_33452

    Pizza and Natters at Urbano32

    There are only a small handful of spots in my Roman hometown to plug in and pack away a few hours of work. Yes, the coffee shops do the job, but when I’m…

  • breakfast ideas

    Building 3 Healthier Breakfasts

    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it’s a universal truth that breakfast is also by far the best (with brunch interchangeable if it’s the weekend). The possibilities are endless…

  • lilly ahlberg

    The Playlist With Lilly Ahlberg

    I’m so excited to finally share with you all a brand new series on my blog called “The Playlist”, where I’ll be raiding some of my favourite musicians, tastemakers and trailblazers’ song stashes. I’ve got…

  • luke

    A Night at Luke’s Eating House

    If there’s one thing I love possibly more than music, skincare or Topshop, it’s going out to eat. I’m still getting the hang of rustling up clean, healthy meals at home (my…

  • Desk inspiration

    DIY Project: An Office Space

    The beginning of a new year calls for ambitious new plans, and having my very own workspace is one of them (to indulge my inner geek, of course). So, continuing on from…

  • JP Cooper

    On Repeat: JP Cooper

    There’s a boy whose songs I have been playing a lot around my house. I mean, a LOT. Spotify already knows by now who I’m going to search for when I get…