• IMG_8310

    My Week In Photos: #5

    Last week started in the most perfect way possible, with a trip to Liverpool to see the new Kurt Cobain documentary (more on that later). Though the rest of the week was…

  • IMG_8262

    A Bedroom Refresh For Spring

    Though I wouldn’t consider myself an obsessive when it comes to tidiness and cleanliness, I do love the traditional spring clean. And last week was the perfect time to do just that…

  • IMG_8145

    My 5 Favourite London Eats

    Let’s face it, everyone loves a good tip for where to eat out, and having a few up your sleeve for the big smoke is always handy. When I venture down to…

  • IMG_8096

    My Week In Photos: #4

    With a four-day weekend comes a lot more snaps, antics and extra tasty scran! As always, my week began rather uneventfully with more working hours than I’d like to count, followed by evenings…

  • Portmeirion

    Number 6

    I’ve been visiting Portmeirion, a Mediterranean-inspired village in North Wales, since I was little. A couple of weekends ago, I headed back with my family in tow, to spend an afternoon wandering…

  • IMG_7902

    My Week In Photos #3

    It’s been a nice, chilled 7 days mostly spent squirrelling away at my huge to-do list, and the rest of the time catching up with my family / counting down the days…

  • IMG_7869

    An Interview with Gary Stringer from Reef

    Though they’ve spent most of their working career dominated by their 90s anthem ‘Place Your Hands’, Reef are a band that have been graced with a loyal fan base. I learnt this…

  • IMG_7794

    My Week In Photos #2

    This week began quietly with lots of laptop time, and plenty of catching up on my new favourite TV show “First Dates”. Anyone else as hooked as I am?! As usual, I…

  • IMG_4831
    Life, Style


    For me, home is where the waves crash. I love heading to the coast on a Friday night, music blaring, knowing that I’m moving closer and closer to the sea. Last weekend,…